Hotel Management

Univel provide day to day operation of hotel and resort which produces measurable results in revenue performance, guest satisfaction, cost management and profitability. It is the depth of our experience that allows hotel owners to improve profit margins. Our team members has years of experience in Hotel Management in some of the most successful hotel and resort in the region.

Business Planning and Budgeting
A comprehensive annual budgeting programme is developed to assist owners and managers with operational and financial target setting and in formulating business strategies. In order to achieve the highest possible profit, the hotel is benchmarked with the best performing competitors and analyse with key financial and statistical indicators.

Financial Reporting
Operational and financial performances are reviewed regularly through predefined management and financial reports. As a monitor tool, the reports are designed to guide hotel owners and managers in reviewing, evaluating and interpreting key performance indicators for decision making and strategy review.

Internal Audit
On a regular basis, operation and financial audit are conducted which cover hotel operations, guest contact, back-of-the house, accounting and finance function. The objective is to review, identify and manage risk area, inconsistent practices, regulatory and legal compliance and material deviation of the established hotel policies and procedures