At Univel, our priority is not only to meet the desired needs of project’s criteria but also to provide cheaper alternative solutions while not compromising on quality, concept essentials and specific standards. We are professionally committed to work hand-in-hand with the developer, interior designers and architects to understand technical aspects of the designs, specified brands, products and material requirements.

We are pro-actively involved in construction, development and review process. We assist the owner through various stages of the development from back of house, mock up preparation to pre-opening support services. We are well equipped to prepare preliminary FFE & OSE budgets, Bills of Quantity (BOQ), monitor the quality standards, analyse, evaluate and propose alternatives and research possible savings. We advise on final selection, progress orders, and prepare delivery schedules in order to launch the project on time.

Mock Up & Refurbishments 

  1. Supervise, provide consultancy, and oversee renovation and refurbishment projects
  2. Provide design ideas; create auto-cad drawings with 3-D rendition
  3. Advise on material selection and propose costing

Furniture Fitting & Equipment (FF&E)
We procure and supply a full range of FF&E and some of the products are as follows

  • Engineered Doors & Windows
  • Landscaping & Finishing Materials
  • Furniture and sanitary fittings
  • Decorative Lighting & Equipment
  • Shutters, Shade and Carpets

Hotel Contract Furniture
Our HCF team is based in Bali Indonesia where we are strategically located around abundance of natural products, availability of cheaper raw materials, a host of manufacturers and factory outlets.

  • Specialise in custom furniture, fixtures and fittings
  • Provide design, product expertise and finishing touches to any hotel project
  • Provide shop drawings
  • Control each phase of production as per required specification
  • Careful attention is given in selection of materials to produce durable and desired finish
  • Advocate value engineering and high standards of QC
  • Provide shop drawings

Operating Supplies & Equipment (OS&E)
We cater to a full range of OS&E products by having excellent networks with manufacturers, distributors in Asia Pacific region, Europe and the US.

  • Review hotel specifications and brand selection
  • Recommend cheaper alternatives
  • Specialise in In-room equipment