Hotel Development Process
We believe a successful resort or hotel development follow below logical sequence.

  • Secure site’s title
  • Conduct a market and financial analysis
  • Obtain concept design from an architect
  • Obtain costing for the project
  • Conduct investment appraisal
  • Appoint Hotel Management Company or GM
  • Prepare detailed design
  • Secure planning consent
  • Secure funding
  • Tender the construction contract
  • Construction
  • Fit-out and commissioning
  • Procurement
  • Pre-opening
  • Opening

This is a model of the hotel development process in which; from our experience, several of the steps will run concurrently, to ensure a smooth and efficient development.

Feasibility Study
When working on the development of a new hotel, the first task of our project team is to review the current market conditions in the targeted city and advise the owner on the feasibility of the project and the best product positioning to ensure best possible return on investment.

Project Development
The development phase starts with the appointment of the external architect and designer. We conduct selection, tendering and appointment of the contractor and other consultants. During the development, we are unique in the fact that we actively consult the owner and investor to ensure that we fulfill their wishes and dreams.

In addition to the design reviews, we are heavily involved during the construction phase, as project coordinator, acting as the owner’s representative at site and project meetings, and advising on the selection and procurement of FF&E, OS&E and other materials. We share with you on operational hospitality view to support some legal aspect of hotel development and operations.

Design and Construction
We are actively involved in the design development and review process, by advising on operation lay out and quality standards to deliver a desired product within the budget. Upon completion, we work with the owner’s consultants in conducting inspections and in testing and commissioning the equipment and completed works.

Hotel Management/Operator Appointment
We offer guidance through the process of selection and successful contract negotiation and, advice on the choice of international operators and help to implement the decision. The international operators have specific requirements regarding the design of the hotel, which needs to be taken into consideration now, rather than incurring the expenses later of changing what has been built. The sooner the operator is on board, the better it is.